Maj Gen Ashok Kumar Sakhuja (Retd) is an alumnus of Sainik School Kapurthala and National Defence Academy, Kharakvasla. He was commissioned in the Regiment of Artillery in June 1968. All through his service in the Army, his passion for imparting training to all ranks at various levels enabled him to take up and excel in all Command and Instructional assignments, both within and outside India. A graduate of college of Defence Management, Secunderabad, the General officer superannuated in September 2006 after an illustrious career of 38 years in the Army.

After retirement, he has worked at senior levels in the Private Security Industries having multinational presence. He played significant roles in raising Terra Force Security from the grass roots level, which was a DLF initiative in 2007-2008, transforming Walsons Security in to Multinational Company namely Securitas India Ltd. He also pioneered training initiatives in Pinkerton Ltd and later was consultant with Proman Securitech Ltd, New Delhi.

An exponent of conceptualising, developing and conducting training both in the Army and in the corporate environment, the General officer has attained expertise in the fields of operations and development of Security Skills.